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How to Gift a Down Home Video

Unfortunately, at this time there is no dedicated feature for gifting,  due to several requests, we are providing the following steps as a work-around.  Please contact us if you have any further questions. 

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Step 1 - Log out

 If you are currently signed in with your own account, you will need to log out. 

Go to top right hand of page and click on drop down arrow

Bottom - Log out 

Then click Videos in the menu bar

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Step 2 - Buy 

Click BUY Button on the video you wish to gift.


Step 3 - Proceed to Checkout


Step 4 - Sign Up

Click on - Sign up with email


Step 5 - Enter Email & Create Password

• Enter the email of the friend you wish to gift

• Create a password that you will provide to them

• Click on SIGN UP


Step 6 - Continue

Click on Continue Button


Step 7 - Payment Information

• Fill in your payment information  

• click on BUY NOW button at bottom of page.

Using a Touch Phone

Step 8 - Send password to your friend

 Your friend will receive an email from us - "Down Home Fiddle Productions”  with a link to the video.  You need to send them the password you created when signing them up. 


Step 9 

Your friend will need to:

• go to

• click LOG IN ( top right corner of page- drop down arrow)

• sign in with their email and the password you provided.  

• Click Videos -  find the video


• Find a comfy chair and enjoy!

Paper Wrapped Box

Thank you for sharing !

We appreciate your support and generosity.  Thank you for sharing our music with your friends.

You are the best ! 

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