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Ivan and Vivian Hicks are distinguished for their contribution to preserve and promote old-time fiddling throughout North America. Their music has roots steeped in tradition but their approach to getting it into the hearts and minds of people is modern and innovative.

Whether they are supporting school children to learn the violin or inviting entire motor coaches of intrigued music lovers into their home, their down-home approach means new friends and fans of their music emerge each day.

They blend this with a busy schedule of performances yearly across Canada and the United States and an active interest in recognizing new talented musicians and bringing them to the stage with them.

Ivan Hicks, a member of the North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame, has been playing old-time music for 70 years, is an accomplished composer, recording artist, performer and mentor and lively ambassador for Atlantic Canada's heritage.

He believes his musical talent is a gift, a special legacy passed to him from his parents, and he has invested it generously in present and future generations. His contribution was recognized recently when he was awarded the Order of New Brunswick.

Throughout the years he has been a member of various bands including the Marshwinds dance band (1969-1990) and Maritime Express, an old-time and bluegrass band (1979-2005). In the late 1970's he formed the community fiddle group Sussex Avenue Fiddlers of which he is director.

He continues to attend and perform at numerous fiddling events and has judged many fiddling contests throughout Canada. He is a consultant for various aspects of the music business and is an organizer and promoter of concerts and tours. Within his own community he was a co-founder of the Riverview Arts Centre.

Ivan and Vivian have won many honours and accolades throughout the years, including both being inducted into the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame.

They host motor coach tours in their home, bringing about 60 people at a time in to enjoy a full course meal, a home and garden tour, and an old-time fiddling concert. During the Christmas season, they invite hundreds of people into their professionally decorated home to enjoy country Christmas concerts. They offer a full slate of house concerts, workshops and host family and corporate events as well.

Within their home is a memorabilia room that chronicles not just Ivan and Vivian's story, but the history of old-time fiddling music and it is shared with all visitors to their home. They have also established within their home an impressive music archive and library where old-time music can be heard and researched.

To book motor coach tour events with them or obtain appearance and project information that involve Ivan and Vivian, send your e-mail to or call  506-386-2996.



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